Muskego Public Library Donation

Library Director, Brittany Larson, and Children’s Librarian, Abby Bussen, presented the design and outfit plan to the GFWC Muskego Woman’s Club. In the last three years the Children’s program has grown over 200% now at over 20,000 participants annually.  This growth resulted in the need to improve the Children’s area.  During their presentation, they explained that when the library was originally designed, the Children’s area was created as a miniature of the library.  Current designs for children’s libraries now focus on play, STEM learning and interaction within the learning environment.

In the 1930’s GFWC Woman’s Clubs, founded over 474 free public libraries and 4,655 traveling libraries.  Women’s clubs were credited by the American Library Association with establishing 75 percent of America’s public libraries. Supporting local libraries continues to be a Federation priority today.  We are thrilled to participate in this terrific opportunity to support use of the city’s library by our young readers and their families.  The women’s clubs have as part of our mission the support of literacy and development of strong family relationships.  A program like this is a perfect fit between the GFWC and our community library

The project was focused on the Main area, Storytime Room and facility upgrade to accommodate the changes to the Children’s area of the library.  The Muskego Woman’s Club focused on the Storytime Room, donating $15,208.  This donation covered the Library’s requests for Storytime Room Essentials including portable hand-washing station, floor cushions and rack, locking storage and rugs.  In addition, this donation covered the library “wish list” items including children and adult furnishings and play space items.

With the growth of the Children’s program and the functionality of the room, our donation will have a lasting impact on our community.

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